About Extend Mode

Extend Mode is a British videogame developer formed in 2016. We have released two games - Crazy Otto and Eight Dragons - and are currently working on two more.

Before Extend Mode

The company's founders, Chris Hines and Nathan Cross, released a number of free games before starting Extend Mode. These were mostly arcade-style multiplayer games, there to fill a niche that hasn't really been looked after by big publishers since the launch of the Sony Playstation. Some of these games gained a bit of attention, some vanished without trace - right down to losing the source code to a number of them!

Probably the most popular of these games was Target; 2006, a scrolling beat-'em-up for up to six players. Based on the Spectrum and Amstrad versions of Imagine's Target; Renegade, it provided the inspiration for Extend Mode's latest game, Eight Dragons.

The second most popular game was Team Pacman, an eight player version of Pacman. Written in 2015, that game gained slightly more attention than expected, and was quickly removed from the internet (although we all know what the internet is like). As fun as it was, it'd be wrong for it to disappear completely. One company founding later, it provided the basis for Extend Mode's first game, Crazy Otto.

The first commercial game for the pair was 2009's Relic Raider. Released on the XBox Live Indie Games channel, it won an award for having some of the worst cover art in that sector. Despite that, it was a fun and frantic arcade maze game for up to four players. We've got a proper sequel planned, with more levels, more maps and much nicer graphics. Some day soon we'll get around to making it so you can see exactly how much fun it is!